Beyond The White Line (BTWL) is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to affect change within the professional sports industry for athletes and stakeholders alike. We want to ensure that generations of athletes and those within the ecosystem of sport have a sustainable future, within an environment that is Human First.

With your help, BTWL will become the main resource for both professional athletes and all those that work within professional sport.



We aim to leave a legacy within not only professional sport, but in wider society.

Changing the global landscape and conversation within these key areas. Ensuring not only that future generations reap the benefits of all that we achieve, but also the sustainability of the beautiful sports we all love is improved as a result.

Being able to be human first, athlete second.



We are aiming for a sporting world where not only fans but society as a whole reconnect with the humans behind the athletes, CEOs, and professional body heads.

Understanding that changing the game for good can have a profound impact on not only those it directly affects but also wider society

“No one really goes deep enough, and has done enough to make a real change… and that’s what we intend to do.”



James Chiffi is the founder & CEO of Beyond the White Line. The social impact entrepreneur set up the organisation as a “human-first” response to his time serving as an artist manager in the music industry.

It was during this time that James saw the parallels between the entertainment and sports industries, the challenges that arise from the “talent” being viewed in purely commercial terms as a commodity, and the human cost of this – which is there for all to see.

“We are about to change the global landscape for professional sport and beyond.” James Chiffi



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